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Thursday, March 17, 2011

half day with prof J.H.Mason


"Having taught mathematics ever since he was 15, John Mason was retired as Professor Emeritus from the Open University in 2009 where he had worked for 39.5 years. He continues an active interest in and concern for the teaching of mathematics in schools in each and every phase, from kindergarten to university.
He conducts numerous workshops for teachers in the UK and abroad, leads seminars, and presents plenary lectures, always stressing the dimension of lived-experience rather than theoretical stance.
His principal focus is thinking about mathematical problems, and supporting others who wish to foster and sustain their own thinking and the thinking of others.  Other interests include the study of how authors have expressed to students their awareness of generality, especially in textbooks on the boundary between arithmetic and algebra, and ways of working on and with mental imagery in teaching mathematics.
He is perhaps best known for being the principal author of Thinking Mathematically (with a new augmented edition published in 2009), joint author of Mathematics as a Constructive Enterprise: learner generated examples with his wife, Prof. Anne Watson, for his uncompromisingly experiential stance to research methods in Researching Your Own Practice Using the Discipline of Noticing and for his contribution to practical suggestions for teachers such as Questions & Prompts for Mathematical Thinking, and Thinkers, both written with colleagues."

knal x sape gerangan p.cik kt ats nih?? hehe
p.cik?? professor taw..
ble last week my lecturer mention next week (meaning rini la) ade prof dr oxford university akn dtg bg talk...
waa, truja gler..dah r ske oxford university nih...
xdpt p, dpt jmpe prof deorng pon jd laa...haha
n ble dgr plak lecturer ckp nme dea prof john mason, tros je cross in my mind n auto jer feedback blik kt lecturer, "book author tu ke dr.?"
"ha'ah, dea tu la"
n i'm wondering myself...dr mne plak la tau ni, tetibak jer ckp prof john mason tu book author?? haha
xtaw la dr mne diri ni taw..mgkin ad buku yg gne time degree dulu, buku dea kowt...(herm~~ still thinking!!~~)

n yg ats tu some of prof j.h.mason pnyr profile...
great n big chances can meet him today...
prof ni dtg utk as prof pelawat utk bg some talk especially utk ktorng bdk maths education...
wlpn abt 2 hrs dgr talk dea td, mcm sekejap je rase...lgsng x boring...
every single examples an things that he shared td, sume nyr interesting...hehe
hope have another chance to meet him again...
he such a nice and easy going guy...
n sempat gak mntk nk bgambar dgn prof ni td...rugi oo x amek gmbr...bkn sng nk dpt opportunity mcm ni...ntah ble lg bley jmpe great book author mcm dea...^_^
with prof j.h.mason

~~ ble plak ad yg nk bgambar ngan prof s.n.fasihah ea??hihi~~

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